The Estonian War Museum – General Laidoner Museum

The Estonian War Museum (EWM) was founded in 1919. After almost half-a-century-long occupation the museum was restored in 2001 as a state museum under the administration of the Ministry of Defence. Today, EWM serves as the leading military history research centre and museum, offering an overview of Estonia’s military history and recording the present-day history of the Estonian Defence Forces.
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Military history conference

The Great War in Eastern Europe—Different Experience, Different Memories

15th April 2014
Viimsi and Tallinn, Estonia

A century has passed from one of the largest worldwide military conflicts, also known as the Great War. Even though it only took two of decades for Europe to reach for arms again and drag many other countries to an even more devastating war, the experience of World War I receives a more prominent place in the historical memory of several nations than that of World War II. Eastern Europe, however, views WW I as a mere prelude to revolutions, wars of independence and statehood. The aim of an international military history conference on 15th April 2014 organized by the Estonian War Museum — General Laidoner Museum in Tallinn, Estonia is to compare, analyze and synthesize those various emphases.


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